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How To Fix Your Website

5 Ways To Fix Your Website


Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels.

A website is typically very essential to your company’s success. But running a website is complex and time-consuming. This leaves many marketers asking themselves where to begin to make sure their website is optimized to attract, engage and convert visitors.

You may find yourself asking:

  • Are my visitors engaging with my site or bouncing immediately?
  • Are visitors converting into high-quality leads?

At Elbow Grease Marketing, we test more than 100 elements when evaluating and optimizing our clients’ websites. We have found that the five most effective ways to optimize your website are:

  1. Lead with a customer-centric value proposition
  2. Convert with a crystal clear call to action
  3. Fix search engine optimization errors
  4. Accelerate site speed
  5. Optimize for mobile visitors

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Is Your SEO House In Order

Is Your SEO House In Order?

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

At Elbow Grease Marketing, all too often we talk with companies that don’t prioritize SEO investment as it lags way behind other digital marketing investments.

We find this puzzling.

Search engine optimization has been around since search engines were invented. As a result, many marketers regard SEO as an “old marketing tactic.” We hear many reasons for deprioritizing SEO. That it is too expensive, not fun, too time-consuming, not enough money left over after a website redesign, and it is too hard to stay current with best practices.

We are here to change your mind.

We see SEO as an integral part of your content strategy to attract traffic to your website. While there are substantial variances of search queries depending on the industry, the average website can expect to receive about 50% of its traffic from search queries on Google.  If your company is getting less than half of your traffic organically, there might be a tremendous opportunity to improve.

Here are six reasons to rethink how much you invest in SEO today.
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