Landing Page Best Practices

7 Landing Page Best Practices

Pexels Mauricio ThomsenLanding pages are critical to the success of your digital advertising campaigns. These enticements are usually made up of two pages; the offer page and the thank you page which is triggered after the audience completes the landing page offer.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t invest the time to create a landing page that drives conversions. Some companies just use their home page as a landing page. While in some rare cases that can be effective, typically one should be creating a new page that drives a specific action from the advertising campaign.

Here are 7 best practices to ensure that your company can drive more leads from your landing pages.

1. Strategy

Whether your digital advertising campaign is on Google AdWords or Facebook or another platform, the best strategy is to make sure your digital ads are perfectly aligned with the landing pages and the thank you pages on your website. It is important that your digital advertising offer is consistent with your landing page offer. Any variation and your audience won’t convert. This might result in having to create multiple offer pages. The good news is landing pages do not cost anything except for the time to create variations and to manage the pages.

2. Landing Page Copy

Write your offer page and thank you page copy — then cut it by half. Keep it simple and focus on only the minimal amount of information necessary to get the audience to convert. If you have form fields, keep them to a minimum. Anything over 5 form fields is a conversion killer.

3. Landing Page Design

The design should be simple and the colors should be aligned with your corporate colors. Remove any extraneous navigation and sidebars from the page. Throw out all the bells, whistles, and the kitchen sink.

4. Platform-Friendly

Make sure your test your landing pages on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Again a simple format with concise copy is usually better.

5. Above the Fold

Make sure all the important content on your landing pages is at the top and above the fold. If you want to add validation content (e.g. testimonials, case studies, or client logos) below, that is fine but make sure the essential content is at the very top of the page.

6. Landing Page Testing

Test the copy. Test on different platforms. Edit copy, modify the design and create additional landing pages as necessary. Test the new landing pages. Keep testing.

7. Measure Offer Pages

Ensure that you have conversion tracking set up on your website. Measure the conversion rate on your landing pages daily to start and weekly going forward.

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