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Search Engine Optimization

Is your company’s SEO on the back burner?

Search engine optimization is too often ignored and minimized compared to other marketing tactics. SEO is a crucial vehicle to drive prospects to your company’s website. Many companies spend thousands or even millions in advertising to reach their audience yet SEO is basically free minus the hours in effort.

We can help your company increase organic traffic to your website. We do this by using proven SEO strategies and leveraging the latest best practices. Elbow Grease Marketing can help you build a SEO strategy that aligns with your corporate strategy to ensure that your SEO efforts deliver tangible results. All our search engine optimization engagements go through our proven eight-step methodology that ensures we deliver the best results possible. We start by reviewing your existing SEO strategy and especially your keyword strategy to identify the best keywords for your website. We focus on a balance of high-volume and long-tail keywords that ensures that optimal prospects find your website. Once we fully optimize your website, we can monitor your website for any errors and optimization opportunities.

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