Best Blog Post Checklist

The Best Blog Post Checklist

Blog Post ChecklistBlog posts should be an integral part of any content marketing strategy and this checklist will ensure that your company generates as much benefit as possible. The benefits of writing a blog are numerous;

  1. Demonstrate thought leadership
  2. Provide value to your customers
  3. Rank highly on relevant keywords
  4. Generates backlinks
  5. Drive traffic to your website.

By following this checklist, your company blog will be on its way to success.

Blog Post Types

Before you decide on your blog post topic, think about the type of blog post. Research has shown that these are the most successful types of blog posts.

    1. List-Based Post: List-based posts, aka “listicles,” are articles that deliver information in the form of a list, e.g. 7 Landing Page Best Practices
    2. Thought Leadership Post: Share firsthand knowledge with your audience, e.g. Should Your Company Be On TikTok?
    3. Curated Collection Post: Similar to listicles, this type of post makes a point by curating real-world examples e.g. 6 Content Marketing Campaigns for Inspiration
    4. Infographic Post: Visuals are a compelling method to drive an audience to your blog post, e.g. Whistle While You Work: Impact of Music on Productivity [Infographic]
    5. How-to Post: Provide detailed instructions on how to fix a common problem in your industry, e.g. 5 Ways To Fix Your Website

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