Virtual CMO

Virtual CMO: 8 Reasons to Consider One

Virtual CMOFor startup companies or companies during a transition, we offer a level of service called, Virtual CMO (vCMO). A Virtual CMO (outsourced Chief Marketing Officer) is an experienced senior-level marketing person you can hire on a “fractional” basis. The basic reasoning to hire a Virtual CMO is to get immediate and quality marketing expertise at a fraction of the cost and without a long-term commitment.

Many of our clients have chosen this service level, with our agency founder, Olivier Sartor or another one of our team members serving as the Virtual CMO for the client.

Why does your company need a Virtual CMO?
There are many reasons why startups or mature companies should consider bringing on a Virtual CMO. Some companies have never had a permanent CMO, while others need an interim fix while looking for a new CMO. Here are the most common reasons we are hired as a vCMO.
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