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Exceptional Marketign Mindset

Exceptional Marketing Mindset

Exceptional Marketing MindsetOur agency runs on the mantra of the Exceptional Marketing Mindset. What is that you ask? Here is the story.

A former client, Cassidy Shield, who currently runs marketing at Narrative Science, recently wrote about his company’s effort to define Good vs. Bad Marketing and the twelve traits that distinguish good and bad marketers. This a thought-provoking list that is a stark reminder of what marketers need to do to drive growth. What it boils down to is a mindset.

As marketing leaders, we need to be clear on not just the skills and experience we are looking for when recruiting and developing our teams – but also how they think, their mindset if you will. Skills are obviously essential, but marketing changes so quickly that skills can quickly become obsolete. Having the right mindset allows us as marketers to adapt, grow and evolve. As an agency, it is critical that our team finds marketers with this mindset so that we can deliver outstanding work for our clients.
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